Blockchain-based trading card game

What is DragonHODL?

DragonHODL is a blockchain-based trading card game. There are unique dragons of different rarities — Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. You can buy booster pack with them in Store and trade Dragons at Marketplace with other players.

Get Unique Dragons

We are pre-selling unique dragons before the game starts.
These will not be availible after the launch and are extremely limited.
Get them now to sell later at Marketplace!

10 000 of 10 000 cards left
100 of 100 cards left
10 of 10 cards left

Booster Packs

You can buy booster packs in the Store. Each pack contains 3 random dragons. The more packs you buy at once, the cheaper they are.


Players can trade dragons at the Marketplace. Buy missing ones or sell your duplicates to get Ethereum.

Based on blockchain

Each transaction is protected by blockchain technology and guarantee you ownership over your DragonHODL collection.

In future updates you will be able to use your dragons in battles against other playes.


December 2017

Collectible card game (CCG) - core mechanics and art concepts

February 2018

Pre-sale of 3 unique cards which will not be avaliable after release

March 2018

Smart-contracts implementation

March 2018

Soft-launch of DragonHODL

April 2018

UI/UX tweaks, gathering feedback from players

June 2018

Mobile versions release

September 2018

Battles mechanics